The server is down

Jan 10

Added another map to the server. check discord "hard-mode-map" channel for details.
This map is strictly survival with a new rule: you can only build within sight of another player.

Jan 09

AL_1 has redesigned the website, Thanks AL_1!
Also RuneCraft has been added (only waypoint and tele runes are enabled for now)
Please check the runecraft discord channel for information if interested

Jan 03

Added economy and payment system (also chest shops - ask in discord if interested).
you will be payed 5 moneys every 5 minutes you are online PLUS 1% of your mcmmo power level
so having a power level of 100 means you get $6 every 5 minutes instead of $5
Also added a money page to the stats pages.
If you don't see your account just log in to the server and it'll show up the next morning (when all stats are updated).

Nov 18

Added a Deaths page to track player deaths.

Oct 29

Server Discord. Check it out!

Oct 28

Stats pages are working again

Oct 25

Westcraft is back with a new map. Forums and updated stats coming soon.