Rank information

how to obtainask a moderator
commandshometeleport to your home locaion
sethomeset your home location
colorme helpset your name color
prefix [YOURNAME] [PREFIX]set your chat prefix
moneyshow your bank balance
money topshow the richest players on the server
tpa [user]request to teleport to user
tpahere [user]request that a user teleport to you
lwc helphelp with the lock plugin
lockworks on doors and inventory items such as chests and furnases.
mcstatsshow your mcmmo levels
mctopshow to top mcmmo players
party helpshow the party system help dialog
mcmmo helpshow mcmmo help dialog
abilitiesuse color codes in chat (i.e. "&b")
use color codes in sign text
all chests and furnaces are locked to you by default
can use chest shops
can use RuneCraft
can use mcmmo

how to unlockmake a base
commandssethome [NAME]
abilitieshave up to 3 home locations
see into other people's locked chests but not take from them

how to unlockbuild something amazing
commandsflytoggles fly mode
flyspeed [1-10]
abilitiescan use the compass as a teleporting tool